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Resolution Laser Toner Cartridges

RESOLUTION™ compatible cartridges are assembled here in the Philippines by our well trained production people. The components, toners and the main technology are sourced abroad mainly from the U.S.A.

JMD INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION employs specially trained personnel in this technical profession based on the new U.S TECHNOLOGY. You can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product.

The following are general descriptions of the process or method followed by JMD INTERNATIONAL to re-manufacture its RESOLUTION™ toner cartridge.

Each cartridge is pre-tested to determine its condition. Only those which pass JMD International quality control standards will be used in the re-manufacturing process.

Each cartridge is disassembled into its basic components which are inspected thoroughly troughout the entire remanufacturing process.

Waste toner, paper particles, and other debris are removed from each individual component. This is done in a specially designed cleaning room equipped with vacuum and a toner reclamation system.

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